MAUNAWAI® NUI water filter system Silver

Model: MW-A-4-S

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Table water filter

This high-quality and low-maintenance compact system is connected to the water pipeline. This way it guarantees clean, healthy and tasty water, with a spring water structure that can wash through cells easily.

The whole system includes 4 filter cartridges.

  1. Sediment filter with limescale-nitrate filter

filters limescale, nitrate, nitrite, as well as suspended matter and sediment larger than 5 micron.

  1. Activated carbon block filter

Special activated carbon block filter that purifies the water and removes organic contaminants, unwanted taste and smell.

  1. UF membrane

A laser perforated ultra fine high tech membrane (0.01-0.04 micron) protects the water from bacteria and germs. The ultra-fine fibres have small pores (over 100 billion) that do not let bacteria through.

  1. Maunawai PI filter

According to the latest PI research, Maunawai water is harmonised and animated with various bio-ceramics (EM, PI, alkaline ball, calcium, tourmaline), quartz sand and zeolite. An additional small activated carbon block has a magnesium core to optimise the reduction potential.


The water filter system is available in three colours: silver, white and black.


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